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We know you may have questions about our services, our app, or perhaps you need additional information to get the most out of PingPrice.

That’s why we’ve created this frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive from our customers.

Our team is always ready to help you and to enrich this section with new relevant information.

PingPrice™ conducts price monitoring on a daily basis for supermarkets offering their prices online.

PingPrice performs price monitoring by selecting a set of supermarkets representative of the region in which you are. Even if it is not your supermarket, the prices are  most certainly identical (for the same region) in your supermarket with a few exceptions.

PingPrice performs daily price monitoring for all the distributors followed, and we audit at least 1.7 million prices daily and add supermarkets regularly. We are in Belgium, the Netherlands and soon in France.

PingPrice requires an account in order to be able to send notifications and keep your favourite products in order to carry out monitoring for you. We never use your personal data or allow you to identify individually in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Some supermarkets sell the products by packs, others per unit, so that they can still be compared using the unit price PingPrice makes a search for these products when you tick this option (default). If you would like to see only those products that are strictly identical, untick this option.

Of course, PingPrice is usable wherever you have an internet connection.

When selecting your favourite supermarkets, the scan and notifications will be based on these supermarkets.

Delhaize and Albert Heijn have national prices, so it is not necessary to choose a supermarket in particular.

These supermarkets do not offer or partially offer their on-line pricings, so we cannot monitor these prices for you. We are looking for solutions to offer you even more comparisons in the future.

You have to follow the link and sign out through before sign in on your new phone

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