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Your future job is at PingPrice™

Discover flexible and suitable opportunities, at PingPrice™ HQ (Brussels) or in teleworking.

Join our mission: to make people feel good when they go shopping.

Our values


These are the principles that guide us every day. We reflect them in everything we do.

PingPrice™ aims to create an experience where shopping is not a chore, but a real joy. We celebrate the excitement of a good deal and pride ourselves on giving you the tools to make choices you can be happy about.

Available positions

The objectives of the position
  • Development of solutions to enable data scraping from distributor sites (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany)
  • Creation of an SAAS platform for data monitoring
  • UI/UX testing and validation of the new version of the app, with development of new features for it in collaboration with our supplier.
  • Implementation of a global solution for managing the data collected.
  • Mastery of tools such as PostgreSQL, Python, Mongodb, Javascript, Linux, GIT.
  • Open-mindedness and communication skills.
  • Other essential qualities are adaptability, ownership, and entrepreneurial spirit
The objectives of the position
  • To develop marketing strategies that align with company objectives. This involves conducting market research, identifying target audiences, and creating a marketing plan to reach those audiences.
  • To manage the company’s brand image and ensure that all marketing and communication materials are consistent with the brand identity.
  • To create and execute marketing campaigns to promote the PingPrice app. This includes developing creative concepts, creating marketing materials, and managing the execution of campaigns across different channels and on social media.
  • To measure the effectiveness of marketing and communications efforts and report on key metrics.
  • Open-mindedness and communication skills.
  • Other essential qualities are adaptability, management skills and entrepreneurial spirit.
The objectives of the position
  • Lead generation: this involves searching for potential customers, identifying their needs, and reaching out to them through various channels such as email, telephone, social media, etc.
  • Lead qualification: determine if the lead needs the product or service, and if they have the budget and authority required to make a purchasing decision.
  • Scheduling appointments: this involves scheduling calls, demonstrations, or meetings, and ensuring you are fully prepared for the appointment.
  • Working with clients to conclude agreements.
  • Gathering market intelligence: tracking industry trends, competitor activity, and customer needs. This information is then used to refine the sales pitch and identify new growth opportunities.
  • Open-mindedness and communication skills.
  • NL + FR + EN (you must be fluent in these languages).
  • Other essential qualities are adaptability, responsibility, and entrepreneurial spirit.


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